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Correlation and Regression Between Relationships

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For the most part, correlation is used to determine relationships (Do shorter people have smaller feet than taller people?), while regression is used to determine the relationship between an independent and a dependent variable (If I study longer, will my grades improve? The grades are dependent on the amount of time spent studying.) Any other examples?

Can the below be good examples? If not can you give some examples?

As stated, correlation is showing the relationship between two variables. Some other examples of correlation is:
- practice makes perfect, the more you practice the better you perfect your skills
- if you don't train you don't win, you can't develop endurance to win
- no pain no gain, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger

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In correlation, there is no dependent and independent variables rather it helps to know the degree of association between the variables.
In the example stated above by you, practice and performance are positively correlated to ...

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A discussion of correlation and regression with examples of relationships are given.

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