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    Common mistakes

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    Using your on your own personal international business experience; a colleague's personal international business experience; research on the Web; or readings from sources other than the textbook address the following question: What are some common mistakes new Vice-Presidents of International Sales make, such as PM Company's VP, and why? Be sure to cite specific companies and include web links or books you used in your research, if available, so others may become familiar with these resources. Do not use the classic example of Chevy Nova (nova meaning "no-go").

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    //Before lettering about the mistakes of a Vice President of a new company, it is essential to gain knowledge about the process of internationalization. One should know about the factors, which should be analyzed for internationalization//

    Internationalization is serious and complex process. When the company or the firm is planning to go internationally, at that moment they have to take care of certain things. When they are taking the product or the services internationally, they have to take care about the culture, rituals, language, attitude and values, customs etc of that particular country. Sometimes it happened that the product works properly in one country but as it goes internationally it failed due to some common mistakes made by the company's Vice President.

    //Above is the explanation of process of internationalization. Moving ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 559 words with references.