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    Assessment of Verizon Wireless Labor Market

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    Detail the results of your assessment of the labor market from which Verizon Wireless draws candidates for open positions. What is the population? What are the demographics of the population? Levels of education? How much training may be required to prepare new workers drawn from this pool for positions in the firm?

    Use regional economic corporations, US Department of Labor and other sources to provide data? Make sure to use at least two external sources to support your position.

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    Verizon Wireless Labor Market: Assessment

    An organization's hiring and training systems including its practices and processes are key success factors on how much the firm's employees will finally contribute to the company's competitive advantage and of course, to its productivity. Consequently, the quality of the labor pool that Verizon Wireless draws its candidates from to fill up open positions significantly affects the company's long-term sustainability.

    The above is aligned with the emerging management concept called resource-based view or RBV. RBV "emphasizes strategic choice, charging the firm's management with the important tasks of identifying, developing and deploying key resources to maximize returns" (Jack, Bedics & McCary, 2006, p. 477). One of these key resources, of course, is the organization's human resources. In this regard, we can say that the demographics of the population where Verizon Wireless sources its human resources, their level of education and the training program it plans to deploy significantly impacts its capability to maximize returns.

    The population that Verizon Wireless draws its candidates from for open positions is the population of 25 to 34 years old with a bit of college education, both male and female and who are members of the civilian labor force which, based on the databases of the Bureau of Labor Statistics amount to more than 50 million of the United States' entire population.

    The levels of education of this population range from university undergraduate to bachelor's degree holders to post-graduate students and graduates. The actual level of education of the candidates will actually depend on the specific requirements of the open positions Verizon Wireless is trying to fill up.

    Also in this regard, the actual training that may be required ...

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