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Quality Control Chart

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These problems from the book are to be done in Excel, with no add-ins, no hardcoding of numbers (e.g., mean, standard deviation), all formulas entered and complete, with appropriate chart, and analysis. If there are out of control points, identify them, but do not remove and recomputed the charts.

The information systems department of a hospital is concerned with the time it takes for patients' medical records to be processed after discharge. They determine that all records should be processed within five days; any record not processed within five days of discharge is considered nonconforming. The number of patients discharged and the number and proportion of records not processed within the five day standard are recorded.

A & B

A. Construct an appropriate control chart for these data.

B. Is the process in a state of statistical control? Why? (If not list rule violations/corresponding data)

See *ATTACHED* file for complete details!

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