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Managment of Quality

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The operations manager of a firm that produces frozen dinners had received numerous complaints from supermarkets about the firm's chick n gravy dinners. The manager then asked her assistant, Ann to investigate the matter and to report her recommendations.

Ann's first task, to determine what problems were generating the complaints. The majority of complaints centered on five defects: underfilled packages, missing item, spills, mized items, unacceptable taste and improperly sealed packages.

Next she took samples of dinners from the two production lines and examined each sample making note of any defects that she found.

A summary of those results is shown in the table below,
the data resulted from inspecting approx. 800 frozen dinners.

What should Ann recommend to the manager?

Time Line Underfil Missitem Spill Unaccepttaste Improp.seal
5/12 0900 1 ++ + +++
5/12 1330 2 ++ ++
5/13 1000 2 + +++
5/13 1345 1 ++ ++
5/13 1530 2 ++ +++ +
5/14 0830 1 +++ +++
5/14 1100 2 + + ++
5/14 1400 1 + +
5/15 1030 1 +++ ++++
5/15 1145 2 + ++
5/15 1500 1 + +
5/16 0845 2 ++ ++
5/16 1030 1 +++ + +++
5/16 1400 1
5/16 1545 2 + +++ + + ++

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1. Underfilled: It is clear that this is a non-issue and should not be the focus of attention. There were only 5 out of 800 cases of underfilled packages. Of course the decision also depends on the goal of the firm and their acceptable quality levels. However, there are other areas where they need to focus their attention on. So for the time being they can ignore underfilled packages. If they bring all the other processes in control, they ...

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