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    Project Proposal

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    I have never created a Project Proposal so I don't know in what format or how it should look like. That is why; I need your help creating a Project Proposal for an idea or concept that is explained in the attached document. The concept relates to an innovative computer system that needs to be developed by Microsoft Corporation. I have tried to explain on a high level the basic idea of my concept as this is what I will need to follow through in creating my final Project Plan. I will greatly appreciate if you can put some thought to the concept that I have written and help identify at least two challenges to be solved or opportunities to be capitalized upon through implementing this new computer system or computer based device. In tabular format, list the opportunity, any potential software and/or hardware that should be investigated, and the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this opportunity.

    In addition, I would request you to review the added content in the attached document and make any changes for improvement for the same in line for a good Project Proposal. This Project Proposal will attempt to persuade the management of my company to fund my project.

    I already have a US patent pending for this idea, and I will be using this for my final course theses.
    P.S. Please provide appropriate references for statements and/or quotations next to the statements and/or quotations itself, apart from the references that you would provide at the end of your response as well.

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    Suggested Project Format:
    The idea is to develop a new remote device for the Microsoft Zune music player.

    1. The device will be intelligent remote control.
    2. Zune will not have to be attached to a TV or to a docking station, audio, video or photos
    3. The device will be modern, have excellent design and will operate through a touch screen.
    4. It will have a memory, host data and execute key commands at the touch of a finger tip.
    5. The device will display the menu of songs, videos and photos in the available play list.
    6. The full menu screen of videos can be selected for current play.
    7. This makes access to the required video or even scene very easy.
    8. The system provides facilities for showing web marketing ads on the remote device.

    1. The device will make the use of Zune very easy
    2. The device will work without the need for being attached to a TV or docking station, audio, video or photos.
    3. The device will become a prototype for future remote controls
    4. This device will be recognized by Microsoft as an essential tool for Zune and the company will offer to buy the technology and the patent from our company.
    5. This device will provide a new medium of advertising for the web based marketers and will have a high degree of visibility and advertising value.
    6. Any advertising company will sponsor a major part of the development cost in return for exclusive advertising rights for the first two years.
    7. A new hand held computer based remote for ...

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