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    Project plan for building deck and patio

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    Applying principles of project management, students will develop original plan for a personal or business project. The plan must include core project plan elements. The project plan should be no less than three pages of double-spaced text (Times Roman, 12-point). A complete project plan includes the following elements:
    · Overview
    · Objectives
    · General Approach
    · Contractual Aspects
    · Schedules
    · Resources
    · Personnel
    · Risk Management Plans
    · Evaluations Methods

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    While I cannot write your paper for you, I can give you the appropriate information and ideas for meeting the requirements of the paper. You should apply the right format and make the specifics of your choices to make the work your own. Not having any idea beyond the fact you want to build a deck and patio (where, what kind, size, particulars of use) I will attempt to give you some ideas.


    The project is a deck and patio, which will be partially covered with a specific area of the patio designed as an outdoor room. The deck will be open and the patio covered over the room area and about six additional feet, attached to the home at the rear and north side, extending a total of 18 feet into the back yard area. The whole project will require a contractor due to the needs of the roof and room design. The contractor chosen from a group dependent on experience in building such outdoor living areas based on designs presented and costs. We expect to be able to use the outdoor room year round. We also expect to hire a landscaper to repair and finish the yard after the building is completed. (Here you might want to describe the deck and patio if you intend for it to have levels. Take out the room or make other changes. Decide if you want the room as a kitchen/bar area or living room type of area.) The owner of the home will be paying the bills for the additions.


    The objective of this project is to improve the backyard area for entertaining and adding more living space. The use of the contractor will assure the completion of the project to current building laws and rules. The use of the landscaper will improve the overall appearance of the space and improve the value of the existing residence. The objectives of more living space for outdoor use and an extended living space will enhance the overall use of the residence.

    General Approach:

    Designs with costs will be accepted from a group of contractors specifically chosen by the owners. The deck and patio are to be completed within about three weeks, with the outdoor room to be completed in three months. The additional time for the room is dependent on the availability of fireplace rocks for facing and acceptable materials for the other permanent features of the room. The contractor will be hired and begin work as soon as possible. Draws will be ...

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    The outline information for creating a project plan. The project chosen is building a deck and patio, but the information can be applied for any construction project.