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Lowe's vs Home Depot.com

Describe how the "look and feel" differs, ease of navigation, and likes/dislikes for both Lowes.com and Homedepot.com websites.

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Lowes is the first place I went and to tell the truth first impression, it is blue. However, I moved forward and put into the search box, screen patch. This is an item I know Lowe's carries, but it came up with nothing found. Hmmmmmm. Next thing to try, is the drop boxes with the indoors, outdoors, appliances, tools, building products on a toolbar. Wait they are buttons, not drop downs.

The outdoors box took me to nice site with a swing, a fountain, ladder, wheelbarrow and a several more things with a navigation bar on the side for various things such as outdoor lighting, garden, greenhouses, and patio furniture. Nothing here looks like screens, but there is some nice lighting if you are looking for that. Prices, model numbers (in case you would rather check them out at the store), pictures. Also the outdoor living and the lawn mowers were nice, a wide range.

While I waited for the button for building products to register and bring up the site, I noticed above it an area for gift cards, gift advisor, installation services and weekly ads. Helpful for those who are on your list of gifts to buy for. Wait, here is the new screen and now we are getting somewhere. I see lumber, roofing, doors, flashing, lattice, masonry, plumbing, but no screen. I will be right back as I delve a little deeper to see if I can find screen material. As I navigated to the deck components, a screen popped up for my zip code. This allows them to check stores in my area to see what is available. Convenient for me to know if I will get it soon or not until next week. I actually knew the screen would not be in deck components, but it gave me a chance to see the new items for ...

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A discussion on the ease of navigation through Lowe's and Home Depot.com with a comparison of the sites and details on what each offers.