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Project Network-critical path

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Find earliest completion time, slack for activities, and critical path for the project network shown in the diagram.

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Project Network
Number in parentheses is weeks.
Earliest completion time
Slack for activities
Critical path

Note: There are two activities labeled i
One of them, connecting Nodes 6 and 7 has been relabeled as L

For each activity calculations are being done alongside

Activity Duration

EST = Earliest Start Time
LST = Latest Start Time
EFT = Earliest Finish Time
LFT = Latest Finish Time

We first calculate Earliest Start Time in the Forward Pass
Earliest Finish Time= Earliest Start Time+ Duration

When we reach the end of network
For the last node , Latest Finish Time = Earliest Finish Time
Then we do Backward Pass calculating Latest Finish Time for each activity
Latest Start time= Earliest Start time for the activity - Duration of the activity

The Forward Pass
•The earliest start time (EST) for the initial activity in a project is "time zero".
•The EST of an activity is equal to the latest (or maximum) early finish time of the activities directly preceding it.
•The EFT of an activity is equal to its EST plus the time required to perform the activity.

The Backward Pass

- The latest finish time (LFT) for the final activity in a project is equal to its EFT as ...

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Earliest completion time, slack for activities, and critical path are calculated for a Project Network diagram.