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Project Management

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1. To what extent were the problems facing notebook computer development avoidable? What could have been done to avoid these problems.
2. Would it make sense to apply a project selection model such as weighted scoring model to this problem to determine if it should be terminated?
3. In your opinion, are the types of problems that arose in this situation typical of other organizations? If so, what can organizations in general do to avoid these types of problems?


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1. The problems facing the notebook seemed to be largely avoidable. There were deficits in all stages of development, such as assuming this project would be the same as the last (lack of unique selection model and plan), insisting on adding comments late in the project without full consideration of the cost and time (personal digital assistance) and a lack of communication between departments (when the manufacturing group emailed Steve that they had just heard of the computer project and that they did not have the necessary supplied to do the project as required).

2. The weighted scoring model might be helpful to determine if it should be ...

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Referring to the case study and the problems facing notebook computer development, this solution addresses the questions in some detail.