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    Project Management - Critical Path, Allocation of Resources and Project Crashing

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    This type of problem is common in project management, particularly for the identification of a critical path, allocation of resources, and project crashing topics among others. Hence, I decided to list the typical things I do when I am confronted with this problem.

    1. I read what is required of me first. This means than when I saw this problem, I went straight to the 3 questions. From reading them, I identified the following:
    a. Network diagram with the critical path highlighted
    b. Resource (10 persons) sufficiency
    c. Project budget

    2. Then, I read the problem in its entirety.

    3. I go over the problem a second time considering the 3 things I identified in Step #1. This means that I take notations of the information relevant to these issues. For example, tables were presented showing the ...

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    This solution provides guidance in looking at a project management problem, including how to find the critical path of the project and how best to allocate resources.