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    Project Management and Team Building

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    What are the three best team building techniques and how they would be used and why these three would be considered the best.

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    The question wants you to identify the three best techniques for team building and justify why you consider these to be the 'best'. You should also consider the different situations and projects where different types of teams are most appropriate.
    <br>There are some assumptions, which the question makes. First the problem assumes that there are three 'best techniques'. This is not supported by evidence. The team building depends on the project and every project has a different 'best' team building technique. A good organization recognizes this and uses a different team building technique for different projects. Similarly, the reasons for 'best team' building techniques differ from project to project. For instance if the project is to launch a new product in the electronics market, a leader selected and built team, headed by an experienced marketer would by most effective, but if there is a project announced in a classroom to be done immediately then a spontaneously formed team would be most suitable.
    <br>Given below is a template to help you write a good ...