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A. Select an organization or business support unit within the Pfizer organization to be the subject of an extensive consultation project and briefly describe it. What does the company do?
b. Identify at least two to five challenges to be solved or opportunities to be capitalized upon through implementing a new computer system. In tabular format, list the opportunity, any potential software and/or hardware that should be investigated, and the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing this opportunity. Explain your rationale.

Please do not copy, cut & paste text from various internet sites as a response, or copy from previous postings. I am looking for NEW perspective from an expert in this area! Please include relevant sources.

Thanks in advance.

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//The given discussion paper is based on Pfizer Organization. In the first section of the discussion paper I am describing the various business units existing in the Company. From among all the units of the Organization, the unit selected by me is the marketing unit which is very successful unit.//

In a Pfizer organizational structure there are many business units like human resource, finance, corporate affairs, business technologies and development, medical and regulatory department, sales department, marketing department etc. In a marketing unit there is an extensive consultation project which is related to the sales of product and earning profit. This business unit is responsible for successful selling of company's product in the competitive market. Marketing is focus on company's benefit and customer's facilities also.

Members of this unit find out the specific market for the product and do research on market and product. They always find out the best alternate ...

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