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    Identify potential risks for Project X. 1250 Word Essay

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    Identify potential risks for Project X.

    Here are some clarifications to this assignment:

    * This is a risk identification assignment, NOT a risk analysis.
    * List 4 - 6 threats that Project X may encounter & explain.
    * List 4 - 6 opportunities that Project X may encounter and explain.

    In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

    Use the 2X2 matrix to comment (i.e., two things you liked about the posting, and two things the student could have included to improve the posting including errors, exclusion, or erroneous information)

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    This paper will consist of a risk management plan for Project X without the aid of external resources. The paper will cover details about Project X, which will lead to risk identification observed for Project X. A list of four threats and a list of four opportunities Project X may encounter will follow there in.

    Risk management plans help present a structure or framework to address or measure risks as they happen, but the plan is set in place in the form of a standardized method to address expected or unexpected situations. Sometimes, it is not until after a situation occurs that the plan may require edits or modifications to address the new occurrences and establish new boundaries if necessary. Risk management plans are ideal for problem-solving situations because at the time a problem is in motion, there is no telling about what shortcomings may lay ahead and efforts may spread across numerous aspects of the problem. The plan comes into play to hone the problem-solving approach taken.

    Project X is a customer service relations project created solely to address customer needs, concerns and questions. The project's main goal is to provide superb customer service to concerned consumers as needed, through a meticulous and articulate process entailing a questionnaire that customer service representatives (CSR) will ask each customer. The questionnaire is set in place to capture and conceptualize the customer's input s in order to deliver effective results. The objective of Project X is to maintain a positive relationship with customers in order to achieve a win-win outcome.

    Given the goals and objectives of Project X it is necessary to understand that not all situations are solvable and not all customers will be happy with the outcome. Thus, it is equally necessary to have CSRs who can think critically, and make decisions based on the problem and to treat each problem as if it were never solved before. This is important because customer service relations require that customers come first, as they are the driving force behind the revenues gained.

    Currently, Project X has tools and resources in the form of technology and supervisors. Technology will aid CSRs in managing incoming calls. Supervisors will address any questions that CSRs may not know or have ...

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    This paper consists of a risk identification (not risk analysis), for Project X to include answers to the outlined information in the request.