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    With the changes I have made, Briargrove would like to make some changes. . The are request are a comprehensive schedule of this project and a clean proposal to be presented . What are the potential risks and bottlenecks that may occur during the project (which are foreseeable). And how would these issues be handled? Please ensure that the credit provided reflects in word count, thank you.

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    // Managing a project is a challenging task for a project manager as he needs to identify factors that are relevant and irrelevant to a project. In the following context, the potential risk that may occur in a project and ways to manage those risks will be discussed//
    A project is a task or an activity that needs to be achieved within a given period of time, and it incurs certain costs and constraints. Potential risks are those kinds of risk that may occur while the project is in the execution phase, and this risk may be certain or uncertain for the project manager. For a better understanding of the potential risk, it may be categorized. The first category of risk may be the executive risk (Kendrick, 2015).This kind of risk occurs when the project is not supported by the executives. This happens when the top executives fail to engage themselves in the project, do not attend the meetings, and are not well communicated about the requirements of the projects. Moreover, when there is conflict over any issues at the executive level, it may hamper the working of the project and can further lead the executive to quit the project, which in turn may disrupt the whole project.
    Another kind of risk is the risk of scope. When the scope of the project is not well-defined, it leads to the failure of the project (Webb, 2003). Furthermore, when the scope of the project keeps on changing, it creates confusion in the mind of the team members as they do not know what has to be done creating the risk for the project. Along with the above risks, sometimes the estimate for a project may also go wrong, which is a major risk of a project that should be avoided. If the main activities are not included in the project scope, the desired outcome of the project will not be achieved.
    Improper management of the cost is another kind of risk. If the cost forecast ...

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