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Format and content of a Project Progress Report

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Just need a sample of progress report. Please make up some hypothetical data and your own decision. See attached file for full problem description.

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To: The owner of the CPA firm
From: Compliance
Date: March 25, 2007
Subject: Progress report for tax season

This report will provide you an update on the progress of the 2007 tax season. It will compare this year's work with that of the prior year and list differences plus opportunities for more efficiency and a higher recovery for billings.

Work Status

As of Thursday, March 22, there are 175 tax returns in progress, and we expect to finish 125 of those returns by April 15. Compared to last year's statistics at this point in the cycle, we have 22 less returns in progress after the loss of the large related entity client in January, but we also have 31 new client returns. The shift from partnership entities to individuals is notable, but most of the new returns are high net worth individuals with complexities that are comparable to the entity returns lost. This report focuses on partnerships, trusts and individual returns, all with April 17 deadlines. The status of corporate returns was covered in a ...

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The solution provides a real-life progress report written for the owner of a CPA firm about the status of tax season. A project could be any process which leads to a conclusion or an end in itself. This report is subdivided into six areas of concentration which disclose an overview of the process plus a paragraph of details for each category. It is a 700 word report.