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Approving Project Scope

Project Scope

1. Project deliverables and work required
2. Description of product (or service)
3. Project exclusions or constraints

Discuss how the scope of the project will be approved and how changes to the scope will be documented, reviewed, and approved.

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The scope of a project is dependent on many factors; among these are budget, available resources, time, available equipment, and the project's specific needs. The project managers will provide a written report that identifies the specifics of these needs and the constraints. From this report, decisions about the project can be determined or more information requested.

The budget is often considered the most important because if the company cannot fully fund a project, it will have to turn to organizations that provide financial help. Like the company, determining if there is enough money to complete the project and how to pay for the project will be a key for financial help to be offered. Also, in the budgetary process, the company must give at least an estimated cost and a price for the outcome. In other words, when the project costs are completed, will the new part or product be priced to make a profit?

Besides budgets, people will be needed to work on the project. There will be materials, ...

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