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    Planning, Scheduling and Budgeting IT Projects for Accuracy

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    Please help answer the following questions:

    What are some strategies we can use to develop cost and time estimates for our IT projects and how can we ensure their accuracy?

    What methods could we employ to track the accuracy of our estimates throughout the life of the project?

    Who should be involved in developing/approving these estimates and who should ultimately be responsible?

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    1. Strategies include using prior figures for similar projects, studying and implementing the models using logarithmic formulas for calculations weighing all variables, contingency plans
    To ensure accuracy triple check before ...

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    In this solution, an expert describes strategies and methods needed for IT project planning, scheduling, accuracy, estimating and whose responsibility these tasks are. It answers questions regarding strategies used to develop cost and time estimates for IT projects, methods that can be employed to track the accuracy of estimates throughout the life of a project, and who should be involved in developing and approving these estimates. The explanation is 131 words in total.