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Manufacturing supervisor challenges

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Materials Planning; The director of manufacturing to whom all the manufacturing supervisors report, feels like he always gets the brunt of mistakes by other departments. He is hoping you will be able to solve his and his supervisor's endless challenges. He asked you to visit for a lunch meeting and discuss what the supervisors might expect to be different for them. He is assuming they will have a much easier job because everyone else will do a better job before him.

Discuss the following specific points:
What are typical manufacturing supervisors' challenges, frequently created due to no fault of their own?
Under newer, nontraditional manufacturing and operations methods, how can these problems reduce?

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Discusses manufacturing supervisors' challenges.

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Manufacturing supervisors face lot of challenges due to lack of accurate, reliable and timely information and lack of support/coordination from other departments. For example, manufacturing department faces delay in receiving raw materials or face shortage of raw materials due to poor planning or inefficient procurement by the purchasing or procurement division. Similarly, forecasting errors by ...

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