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What is the Difference of feeling, thinking, and knowing?

- What is the difference of 'feeling, thinking, and knowing'? How does data impact this?
- How do 'belief systems' impact the differences of thinking and knowing?

Based on the attached slides on Global Data:
- List 3 surprises.
- Find 2 slides that may impact 'the market selection' decision. Describe each in 15 words or less.

From the attached slide, see the 'supply chain of oil slide to the pump':
- Is Exxon greedy for making a large profit, or just very efficient?
- Would Europeans like oil, pre-tax, delivered as efficiently as Americans get it? Explain.


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(1) 'Feeling, thinking, and knowing' are 3 degrees of human perception of a certain situation, item, idea, etc. Feeling comes first - even when we don't have much information we can still have some feelings about the subject or object. Once we get more information about it, we start thinking. We analyze the object of our interest until we satisfy our interest. After that come knowing - we either get enough information to know about the object of our interest or we give up, however we still 'know' that we don't have enough information ...

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