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    Manufacturing New Technologies

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    Question 1
    More manufacturers are using new technologies to move toward "mass customization" in their product offerings. Have you seen a similar move among marketers?

    Question 2
    Many companies offer free samples as part of a promotional campaign. This approach extends beyond the grocery store or retail outlet into large organizations like universities. Can you identify any products or services that are provided to students or faculty at your school as part of a promotional campaign?


    In addition to preparing the discussion questions, find a relevant article in a Journal or Newspaper relating to the issue of customer focus or Customer Relationship building for discussion on the forum. The discussion will consider:
    a) Why is this article relevant to the topic?
    b) Can any of the marketing related theory from this chapter be related to the article?
    c) What can be learned from this?

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    Mass Customization:

    Mass customization as used in the field of manufacturing, marketing, management and call centers refers to the act of customization or personalizing products and services for specific customers at a mass price of production. During the past times, low cost and customization were known to be mutually exclusive. At uniformity expense, mass production was known to provide a low cost (Li, Chang & Chang, 2010).
    Designers and craftsmen are the individuals who came up with customization. Interactive technology which have arisen in the world today such as the internet have facilitated the act of customer interaction within an organization while providing a unique requirements specification which are further manufactured through the use of automated systems. This process however is regarded as a complex and complicated one and beyond an average consumer; technical details could be hidden in various ways (Li, ...

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