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Strategy Implementation

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I am doing an assignment where i have to produce a draft plan for the implementation of my chosen strategy (for a pottery firm), covering any changes to the organisations structureand growth, allocation of resources and possible timescales.

The Criteria is as follows

THe mission statement for the chosen strategy should inform all the clearly specified objectives and these lead the planning.

I have my strategy for the pottery firm which is as follows

Conclusion: Overall, I would recommend that Trentware develops its product range thus purchasing the superior technology to do so. I think that it should continue to develop its brand overseas, especially as it currently has a high reputation in the UK and abroad and 70% of its retailware business is from overseas orders. I would recommend that the company should consider increasing exports to the USA where it is currently showing small market share but with such a large target audience, this market is bound to grow. The benefit of selling overseas is that sales are obtained through agents who are paid on commission only. Whilst this may lower their margins, they would benefit from being able to turnover their stock with little work from their sales managers and sales executives.

I know this isnt much to go on but im looking for a structure to base my work on as i know little about the theory behind a strategy implementation plan.

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The purpose of this problem is to give you a real life scenario and make you apply some of the current strategy models to it and gauge your response. The company under consideration is having difficulties because of an imbalance caused by a decline in the trade from hotels. Each of the partners has given a strategy and now you are required to give a strategy. You have already chosen a path of action, which shows your decisiveness and so I have decided to adapt your strategy in writing this template.
<br>There are several assumptions, which the case makes. First, the case assumes that a good reputation in the local labor market is important. This may not be correct especially if it holds back our company from using the latest technology to become a leader in design. Second, the case considers the disagreement among the directors as a problem. This is not supported by evidence in fact this is excellent for brainstorming. In fact your own strategy reflects points from the positions of more than one director. Thirdly, cutting costs means reduction of quality. This is not necessarily true, using new technology and robots there can be a substantial reduction in costs and still an improvement in design and quality. Fourthly, the problem presupposes that retrenchment would lead to strikes and labor trouble. This is not substantiated, ...

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