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    profile of a small business

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    Select a profile of an entrepreneur from Effective Small business management and discuss his or her start-up process.

    The following needs are addressed:

    What opportunity was sought or niche filled?
    What product or services is being sold?
    What has made the business successful Marketing location product or managemnet.
    Discuss the effects of globalization on the business . What challenges and benefits could globalization pose to the business

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    The Profile of a Lifestyle Center Small Business

    The lifestyle center's business is geared around where it is located and the needs of the people who live in the neighborhood (Bhatnagar, 2005). This is how it got it names of "lifestyle." Consumers in the area come to shop and actually to spend the day. Normally, these types of centers have an all inclusive atmosphere including with it restaurants, beautician shops, coffee houses, boutiques, and all are encompassed in an open-air configuration. These stores would be classified as "specialty shops" in an approximate space of 50,000 square feet of retail space. Some places even have entertainment which makes the consumer experience and all day affair.


    Any specialty shop making its way to become part of the lifestyle center will enjoy opportunities to connect with consumers who want the items the shop sells. This is easy to accomplish ...

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