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    Television Manufacturing Industry

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    I need help answering the following assignment. See attached file.

    1. Discuss the structural characteristics of the television manufacturing industry using the Five Competitive Forces (Porter) framework.
    2. Discuss Sony's strategy using the Resource-Based View of the Firm framework.
    3. Discuss Sony's strategy using the Competitive Advantage (Porter) framework.

    Thank you.

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    1. Sony doesn't have supplier power. Sony is failing, as are most of the industry leaders in television manufacturing. We're seeing a really interesting trend in the electronics dept. in the past decade. At first, everyone wanted things bigger - a bigger television screen, big cell phones, big stereo systems. Now, as technology has progressed, we want everything small. Small cell phones, iPods, iPads, even our computers are smaller. TV manufacturers are losing big on things that are large because the consumers have moved away from the market. From a structural standpoint, the suppliers have the power because there are fewer and fewer suppliers ...

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    This solution discusses the television manufacturing industry using Five Competitive Forces and specifically discusses Sony's strategy. This solution also includes thorough discussions using the Resource-Based View of the Firm framework and the Competitive Advantage Framework in regards to Sony.