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Strategy in Competing in Foreign Markets: Types of industries

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Please analyze the 5 industries listed below and evaluate whether each should be classified as a) emerging, b) rapid-growth, c) mature/slow-growth, d) stagnant/declining, e) high-velocity/turbulent, or f) fragmented.

Please explain and support your decision. Conduct research on the Internet if needed.

Network television
Wine, Beer, and Liquor retailing
Mobile Phone Industry
Computer software industry
Petroleum industry

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The strategies in competing in foreign markets are determined. The expert classifies types of industries.

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Network Television industry

The network television is the distribution of television network through a central operation program. In the network television industry many revolutions has seen but this industry is also continuously involved in the revolution. For example, saturation of the black & white TV saturated due to advent of color TV. The decline in the demand of color TV was affecting the network television industry, but now introduction of Hi-fi products are creating demand in the network television industry (Product Life cycle in International Marketing, 2008). In the international market the network television industry is at the rapid growth stage. The continuous change in the products is creating demand for the network television industry. The increase in number of competitors and numbers of digital TV users in network television industry also depicts that this industry is at the rapid growth stage.

Wine, Beer, and Liquor retailing Industry

Overall growth of the Wine, Beer and Liquor retailing industry is slow. But continuous increase in the demand of the local and imported wines and premixed drinks is causing a good performance of this industry. The alcohol consumption in several countries is decreasing, while it is rising with a higher rate in some countries. But the wine, beer and liquor ...

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