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Personnel Selling, relationship selling

1. The text states "in modern organizations, relationship selling and sales management is quite an integrated process." What does sales integration entail?
2. what are the major sources of pressure, challenging the ethical behavior of salespeople?
3.Compare 4 types of sales presentation strategies(memorized , formula, need-satisfaction and problem solution selling) in terms of the focal point of the presentation and the relative talk/listen ratio?
4.How can a salesperson add value to their value proposition without changing the product?
5. Value is more price. What forms of added value can a salesperson emphasize during a presentation?
6. To improve the chance of a successful closing, what should a salesperson do before the sales call?

Personnel Selling, relationship selling

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On "in modern organizations, relationship selling and sales management is quite an integrated process."

In relationship selling it is the people especially on the side of the buyer that are important. The focus is on repeat sales, for this a positive relationship is required. Several, relationship marketers stress on genuine friendship for cultivating sales. However, in a modern organization, sales management cannot afford a situation where if a customer is unhappy, he can go elsewhere. This is the basis of the integration of relationship selling and integrated selling. For example, in modern selling no organization can afford a situation where its potential or actual customers view its sales persons with suspicion. The modern sales department needs to shape its procedures, its image and its industry. The sales persons must command the respect that they need to operate in the current business climate. They need to be as ethical and professional as possible and at the same time center their relationship with the customer on trust. The integration of the process brings about a win-win situation. The sales person wants his customer to feel satisfied; on the other hand the customer must feel that the sales person has his interest as the central issue. The integration of the two has occurred because it is important for sales management to establish relationships because unlike traditional selling, modern selling stresses on repeat sales and modern selling stresses on building a relationship with the customer. So, if the customer is dissatisfied with the deal it is not the customer who loses but it is the sales team which loses the relationship with its customer. The integration of sales management and relationship selling is most prominently seen in business to business marketing in which both the seller and the buyer is professional. The buyer can see through every selling technique. Any type of legerdemain is avoided by the sales personnel, instead the sales personnel study the problem of the buyer and make a genuine attempt to solve the problems of the buyer, for this they need to penetrate the issues that dog the businesses of the buyer and using techniques of customer centered selling.


Major sources of pressure challenging the salesperson:

The major sources of pressure that challenge the salesperson are the monthly targets that they need to ...

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