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    Conflict Resolution and Personality

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    Provide an example of a conflict that has been exacerbated by differences in personality from the news. How can you help the parties resolve this conflict, and how will understanding psychodynamic theories, need theories, and trait theories allow the parties to find creative solutions to this conflict?

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    One conflict that has been exacerbated by difference in personality from the news is the dispute over the appointment of the head of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This office is important after the Wall Street financial crisis in 2008. There is a conflict in personality between President Obama and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell has the support of 42 other senators who feel that the consumer office has little accountability to Congress and enjoys too much regulatory authority. The consumer financial protection bureau is an important office and if the re-nominated director Richard Cordray does not assume office the functioning of this important office may suffer (Deutsch.M, Coleman.P, & Marcus. E, 2011).

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    Psychodynamics can be used to solve this problem by studying the conscious motivation and unconscious motivation of both President Obama and Mitch McConnell (Deutsch.M, Coleman.P, & Marcus. E, 2011). For instance, the stated position of Mitch ...

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