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    Conflict in the Workplace

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    In a 250-300 word response, describe a conflict situation you have experienced in the workplace. Explain the impact that the communication process played in resolving or escalating the conflict? What was the resolution? If positive, how could you incorporate that conflict resolution style in your communications? If a negative result, what recommendation could you make to improve the communication process Use references to support your findings.

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    An example of conflict in the workplace:
    Maria couldn't complete her report every end of the month without John's data. However, Maria needs to keep on reminding John to submit the data few days before the month-end as she needs enough time to do her report. Maria gets pissed off at John for not being responsible enough to submit the data earlier ...

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    An example of a conflict in the workplace, analysis, resolution, causes of conflict is examined. The solution is 315 words with one non-APA reference.