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Organizational knowledge to construct work systems and type of framework

In your opinion how should managers utilize organizational learning and knowledge to better construct work systems? What type of framework would you propose for the management of organizational learning ? Explain with real life examples.

With references and citation.

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As noted in Robbins, Culture performs a number of functions within an organization. Boundary-defining role creates distinctions between one organization and other. Culture conveys a sense of identity for organization members. It facilitates the generation of commitment to something larger than one's individual self-interest. It enhances the stability of the social system. Finally, culture servers as a sense-making and control mechanism that guides and shapes the attitudes and behavior of employees. Organizational culture is a composite of the values, beliefs and norms expressed in an organization's actual practices and behaviors. Employees have a belief in what the organization can and should do to meet its goals and serve its stakeholders, and their actions demonstrate that belief (Atkins & Turner, 2006). Changing culture often means that individuals have to change their social identify. In return, trying to change their social identify can sometimes cause even more resistance to the new change. Changing culture is a challenging task for management. The key lies in getting the buy in from ...