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CEO as an Organizational Architecture: Shaping rules, building coalitions & influencing rule making

Please help without conducting any research with the following question solely on experience, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions.

1. The CEO as an Organizational Architect
2. To shape the rules, you have to build coalitions
c. The ability to influence rule making is an advantage in the competitive game

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1. The CEO as an Organizational Architect

This is most often the case. The CEO is the person who makes the rules, directs all the top executives, and brings energy, insight and knowledge to the company. The CEO is often majority share owner of the company as well, so he/she has vested interest in the organization. Is it within their best interest to see the organization succeed, to give the firm a competitive edge, and to lead it into the future. The CEO decides on the structure of the firm, implements what philosophy they want to utilize in running the firm. The CEO is ...

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