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Organizational Culture Walt Disney

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1. Examined the culture of the organization you have selected.
2. Analyzed and listed the organization's values.
3. Analyzed and explained why the organization chose these values.
4. Analyzed and described how the organization exhibits its values.
5. Analyzed and justified whether the organization's culture is strong or weak.
6. Analyzed and justified whether the organization's culture is designed or emergent.
7. Analyzed and justified whether the organization's culture is formal or informal.
8. Provided examples of the organization's rites and rituals and explained what these rites and rituals demonstrate about the organization's culture.

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Solution Summary

Organizational culture for Walt Disney is examined. The organizational values are analyzed.

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Organizational Culture:

Walt Disney is an example of an entertainment company which has its primary operations in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia pacific. The head quarters of this entertainment company is in Burbank in California. The organization is known to have an approximate of 149,000 employees (DATAMONITOR: The Walt Disney Company, 2011).

Walt Disney Company Culture:

The leading entertainment company strives to ensure that its core mission of provision of quality entertainment for their destined customers around the globe is provided. In addition they also strive to do it better than the way every one does it. The staff at the Walt Disney company is considered as an organizational asset which ensures customer satisfaction since each one of them has a vital role of nurturing the Walt Disney brand.

They all have a core belief in the core purposes of the Disney brand which is known to provide individuals around the globe with a special entertainment with the heart. Some of the principles which guide the employees include innovation, quality, community, story telling ,optimism, and decency (Life at Disney, 2011).

Organizational Values:

The entertainment company values a strong tradition of innovation ever since it was founded back in the year 1923. it have also remained faithful in the provision of unparalleled quality entertainment, it also has a core value of ensuring decency ...

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