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Culture Defined

I need help to write the following paper:

Prepare a 1,050-word paper defining culture. In addition, examine the elements of a national culture (outside North America) of your choice. The elements could include language, traditions, ceremonies, religion, beliefs, arts, etiquette, body language, attitudes, etc. Finally, answer the following question: How would these elements impact business practices?

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I have given you the basics for a paper. It is NOT the entire 1050 words you need, but is enough to guide you. Please look through it and find some examples to enhance your understanding and make the paper more interesting and complete. Focus on those traditions, ceremonies, and other things that make the country unique. Don't forget to expand a little on the Moorish influence as Spain is one of the few places this is still very evident.

Culture is the system of beliefs, practices, mores, and norms of a society or person. It encompasses all aspects of the life and way of dealing with others and the society. Culture can be very specific and very general in terms of what and how it is defined.
In a country such as Spain, culture includes the personal beliefs of religion, the practices of the society, and the attitudes of the people. Spain's population is diverse and yet very much the same. In more recent times, the culture of the people has adjusted to meet the demands of the international and European Union way of doing business, but it retains much of its older, more comfortable traditions as well. Unlike Germany, where you must be of German family name to be a citizen, or England who has citizens from a plethora of other countries who were former colonies, Spain is relatively consistent in its population ...

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A short essay that guides the student in defining culture as it pertains to traditions, practices and other components of culture.