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    Performance Appraisals and Human Resource Laws

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    How does the human resource laws impact performance appraisals?

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    Human resource laws impact performance appraisal in many ways.

    The first example is related to termination of employees on the basis of poor performance. A series of careful steps should precede any decision to terminate an employee based on alleged "poor performance". If there is any doubt concerning the fairness or legitimacy of a proposed termination, it would be sensible to consult a lawyer before any action is taken. Employers should also be aware of any local laws that might restrict their rights to terminate.

    Growing numbers of dismissed employees are suing for what they claim is wrongful or illegal termination. If an organization wants to avoid costly litigation, it must ensure that all its termination decisions are legal, fair and reasonable. Proper and complete documentation - such as that created in performance appraisals - is critical.

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    Some of the other legal aspects of performance appraisal are as follows.

    1. Performance appraisals should not be used in a merely punitive or retaliatory fashion. It is grossly unprofessional for a manager or supervisor to use the appraisal process to 'get even' with an employee who has displeased or upset them in some way.

    2. Appraisals ...

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    How does the human resource laws impact performance appraisals?