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    Organizational Behavior: Group Behavior & Norms

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    Informal groups exist in almost every kind of organization. What types of informal groups do you belong to in your workplace? How do norms of the informal groups to which you belong influence your behavior and that of other group members?

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    I belong to several informal groups at work. I work at a college, and so one group I belong to is that of my colleagues in my department. This might at first appear to be a formal group, however, we are linked by our interest in the subject, teaching similar students, as well as the proximity with which we work. Our group has set a norm for supporting good work ethics (we bounce class ideas off of one another, and challenge each other's creativity), we agree to ...

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    This solution discusses different types of informal groups I belong to in the workplace, and how the groups norms influence my behavior and other group member's behavior.