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    Organizational Behavior FMC Aberdeen vs FMC Green River

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    Aberdeen vs Green river

    Aberdeen works in defense
    Green River in Chemicals

    Aberdeen has 100 FTE, and one product distributed worldwide. New start up...2000
    Green River has 1150FTE and over 100 customers several product lines

    Aberdeen is non union and in defensive
    Green River - is union - united steel workers, and in chemicals..

    Aberdeen employees are enpowered to make decisions.
    Green river employees are not and feel as they are only a number.

    Organizations with an exceptional "company" culture are usually run by leaders who understand and practice effective cultural leadership principles. A culture or sub-culture that works effectively in one part of an organization may not work well in another. Those who have made it to the top have done so by building a high performance workplace around the corporate culture.

    Using the appropriate organizational analysis format begin your analysis by focusing on the following areas of interest.

    Which addresses:

    The Management of Ability
    Organizational Commitment
    Job Satisfaction
    Organizational Ethics

    While engaging the step-by-step analytical process keep in mind the differences that exist between FMC Green River and FMC Aberdeen. For example, think about the management of ability. State the what the corporate culture and work environment is like at Aberdeen, then at Green River. How does each operation make the best use of its employees' skill sets? Based on the corporate culture, identify an alterate method for them to leverage their employees abilities. Will the methodology you select for Abderdeen work at Green River? How will you implement your recommendation at each facility? Include your thoughts on these issues with your notes; you can either incorporate them into the "areas of interest" or add them as side notes.

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    The Management of Ability

    The Bob Lancaster model enables the employees to do what they want provided they meet the goals of the organization. The Aberdeen model seeks to empower the employees to work according to their own method provided they understood and fulfilled their responsibilities and were not dishonest.

    There is a system of training and certification by which the employee can learn and get his skills certified. The abilities of the employees were encouraged and enhanced by getting an employee to get more skills certified which in turn would lead to an increase of salary.

    The abilities in the company were not held by individuals but were shared. Encouraging individuals to find teachers who would teach them did this. This ensured that the skills of the teachers were passed on the employees who were taught.

    Leadership should be inculcated by encouraging activity, increasing self-initiation, relative independency but acknowledging healthy dependency, deeper and more challenging interests, extended time focus, on past, present and future, awareness of self worth, own decisions and its effect on the organization.

    Communication process should focus on description not evaluation, problem orientation not control, spontaneity, empathy, equality and provisionalism. For example, in other locations where there are infrastructure problems and uncertainty about deliveries, the recommendations about job design and goal setting apply. However in those cases where such problems do not exist then such restrictions are deleterious and challenging goals should be set.

    Similarly in case of performance appraisal, if the company is located in accessible or remote areas it is fair to have an employee appraised positively, he should be appreciated for his efforts and his fault unless grave should be overlooked however, where normal employee conditions exist, the appraisal should be normal. However, in each case the employee involvement in appraisal should be there and effective communication should persist. In case of pay and career development: Please note that an organizational history of stable, measurable performance appraisal creates a healthy organizational environment. Perceptions of relationship by employees between their work and pay should be very clear. In case another organization is similarly located as FMC in River Green, then the suggestions about a higher pay package apply.

    Job Design and Goal Setting: It is expected that the employee will not be a local and will have to move in to live ...

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