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Management Questions

1. Can you discuss with examples, one of the essential elements of performance management systems?

2. Can you please create three metrics to evaluate employee performance.

Why were these metrics selected?
Are they the most significant measures?
Are they easily quantifiable and measurable?

3. Critique a best practice in a compensation and motivation program.

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1. Can you discuss with examples, ONE OF THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS of performance management systems?

One of the essential elements of the performance management systems is communication between the evaluator and the person who is evaluated.
Consider the example of sales persons who is being evaluated by his supervisor. The salesperson may be very dissatisfied that he has not got the highest evaluation even though he logged the highest sales.
The evaluator had used other criteria apart from sales to evaluate the employee. He had used criteria like the timeliness and accuracy of reports filed and the help that the salesperson provided accounts receivable to get payments.

Now if the communication were improved and before the evaluation period began the evaluator and the salesperson sat down together and discussed the criteria and weights that would be given to each criteria there would be no ...

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