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Employee Relationship and Procedure

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How do courts decide who is an employee and who is an independent contractor? Use web resources to support your answer.

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Employment Relationships and Procedure

Employment Relationship is a work relationship between the employer and the employee. The presumed employer of the company gives the procedures and terms of how the job should be done. They are responsible for the employee's health status in the work milieu and the imbursement for the task undertaken. The basis of the employment have to be spelt out so that both parties can understand the agreed upon contract. The procedures of the employment relationship are founded on the solid goal, mission and vision the organization hold to be significant. Detailed records of the employee are to be placed in the organization database. It should highlight the hiring process to ensure that transparency in the company is maintained.

A reporting relationship of the work related matters boosts the association to a mutual state. The terms of employment are to be spelt out in the initial stages. The review of performance should be done periodically so that the employment relationship is kept at a more professional level (University of Alberta, ...

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This solution discusses how a court would decide who is an employee versus an independent contractor.