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Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance

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Review Case Study 4-1, (See Attachment) "Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance".

Imagine you are the manager in the case study. Identify possible solutions that may alleviate the performance problem and explain your answers.

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Heather processes declarative knowledge about the subject but is deficient in procedural knowledge. She knows the information but is having trouble executing it. This is not uncommon in technical folks who are book smart but tend to have limited interaction with others. Heather would probably be surprised to learn of any unhappiness with her presentation and interaction skills. She appears to be a competent, hardworking, and smart employee. In order to remedy this performance problem I would first discuss the issue with Heather, pointing out her excellent knowledge in designing a training class, and her ability to incorporate behavior modeling and practice into all of her classes. I would also stress the importance of her research. I would make sure Heather knew how ...

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This solution discusses the case study "Diagnosing the Causes of Poor Performance" and answers the questions from the manager's viewpoint to identify solutions that may alleviate performance problems. It uses examples and gives a link.