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    Catherine's Reaction After Joining Fenway Waste Management

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    Read Case Study 3.2 on pp. 91-92 of your textbook.
    What was Catherine's reaction after joining Fenway Waste Management, and why was her level of social identification different from that of LJI? Discuss the social identity issues present in this case with classmates.

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    Catherine had to adjust to her new surroundings. She was no longer in a "quiet, focused work atmosphere" (McShane & Von Glinow, 2003, p. 94) surrounded by people in formal business attire. Instead, warehouse workers tracked in dirty grease and employees dressed casually. Whereas in the past Catherine's job responsibilities and tasks were clearly defined, at Fenway Waste Management she had to "wear many hats" (p.95). Immediately upon visiting ...

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    This solution discusses social identification in regards to the case study FROM LIPPERT-JOHANSON INCORPORATED TO FENWAY WASTE MANAGEMENT in McShane and Von Glinow's Organizational Behavior text. Includes APA formatted reference.