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Tactics to Encourage Acceptance of Global Assignments

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In order to ensure employee acceptance of a global assignment, an organization should make sure the employee understands the value of working globally. It would be important to begin by choosing the right employee. Certain employees are more likely to be interested in working internationally; those who possess self-confidence and have the ability to develop relationships with others who are different are more likely to be successful. An employee must have the skills and willingness to adapt to a new country. It would be important to look at the employee as a whole, including their family situation. The most frequently cited reason for expatriate failure is due to an inability of an employee's spouse to adjust to the new country.
A corporation can help employees accept and adapt to global assignments by ensuring adequate preparation is provided. Spouses and family members should be included in this ...

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This detailed solution provides recommendations to ensure employee acceptance of a global assignment and explains how to motivate expatriates. Includes APA formatted references.