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Operations Management

Find a business or organization, preferably one where you are working used to work, or know an employee or owner. (You can use anything such as retail or finance departments)

Identify an Operations Management problem in that organization. This will usually entail a problem that needs to be analyzed regarding the improvement of its Supply Chain. Using one of the Ten critical decisions of operations management, analyze the problem, and make recommendations on how to handle it.

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The problem happened at one of my clients. I am a consultant and work for a consulting firm. One of our clients was facing inventory issues. They had too much in inventory and nobody knew how to set correct inventory targets. I did a quick analysis on their inventory levels. What I found was astonishing. They had almost 3-4 times inventory. This was not only impacting their warehouse storage (they were running out of storage) but was also severely impacting their working capital needs.

I analyzed their inventory in detail. I gathered historical demand data, lead time data, supply data and determined demand over lead time, supply safety stock and demand safety stock. Based on that data, I set inventory targets for each of the ...

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The solution is very detailed and explains the concepts very well. The solution is very easy to understand as well. Overall, an excellent response to the question being asked. The solution gives very detailed examples from different industries in order to meet the question's needs. A student downloading this solution can pick and chose the type of example they want. One example is from a business situation and is related to excess inventory. Other example is from a retail client who was facing customer service issues. Again, a great response.