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Evaluating a research studies

Describe how a research study should be evaluated. Give examples of your comments of the evaluation.

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Choice of topic - this may seem odd, but the reality of research is that the question asked or the hypothesis formed is not always the answer or study focus. Some people will actually write up the question and hypothesis, perform the testing or observe the subject, write the study, and provide a conclusion without ever answering the original question. There are also questions that are too broad, too narrow, or do not fit the framework of the problem. Hypothesis tests may indicate one thing and the researcher can misjudge those findings.

Research methodology- Depending on the type of research, tests can be applied incorrectly. The decision on confidence levels, one or two tail tests, intervals, and which variables are appropriate are sometimes objective, other times subjective. I am going to evaluate the study based on my experience and what the ...

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A discussion on the criteria used by OTA for evaluating research studies.