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Public Service Operating Conditions

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1. Describe and analyze Lois Wise's notion of the "operating conditions of public service."

2. Suggest what the case study indicates about the modern complexities of professional personnel in the public setting.


Stillman, R.J. (2010). Public administration: Concepts and cases: 2010 custom edition. (9th ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin - Cengage Learning.

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According to Wise, the operating conditions of public service create an environment in which there is a significant level of tension developed, due to the fact that the interest of the individual that is working in public service may differ from what the individual must do in order to provide for the interest of the public at large. In essence, the operating conditions of public service creates a form of emotional dichotomy within individuals that are working within public service organizations, and this psychological and emotional dichotomy creates a increasing level of discord within that individual, due to the fact that the individual must perform the duties of his public service job in order to provide for the necessities of life, yet this individual's agenda and belief system may be quite different from the duties that the individual is required to perform at a public service job. Wise also contends that in many instances when there is a difference between public needs and or interests, and those of the individual working within the public sector, the individual will choose to provide for his or her needs or ...

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