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    How Mentoring Can Facilitate the Networking Process

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    How does mentoring facilitate the networking process? Discuss this from the perspective of a mentor, and from the perspective of a mentee.

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    A career mentor listens to the mentee to get an idea of his needs and what he wants to accomplish in his career. He is patient and can determine his mentee's goals as well as give a clear and transparent advice. The mentor needs to explain to the mentee the benefits and the possible pitfalls of his goals and plans. He is expected to provide guidance in terms of challenging assignments as well as help the mentee in managing his time.
    On the other hand, the mentee needs to identify what he wants to accomplish and how he can reach his objectives. The duty of the mentor is to listen, analyze the ...

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    Mentoring relationships, the roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee are examined. How mentoring can facilitate networking and how the mentor can help the mentee in his career development through networking is determined. The solution is 430 words with three non-APA references.