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    Business Management: Bring Your Own Device

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    BYOD (Bring your own Device) is a new approach to providing IT (information Technology) capabilities. Draft a corporate BYOD Policy and discuss it.

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    Business Management/Networking

    - The widespread availability of hand-held computing and telecommunicating systems (devices) has inadvertently seen people becoming deeply attached to them; the BYOD approach, no doubt, clearly encapsulates this position with a view to further enhance the firm's business operations, more so from the standpoint of efficiency for increase in productivity level to culminate in high sales turnover and profitability level within firms operating in highly competitive markets.
    - To amalgamate a firm's employees' or other associated third parties Smartphone, Tablets, Androids and Blackberries into its network clearly poses some degree of risk which if not addressed from a circumspect standpoint could well compromise the survival/existence of the firm.
    - Much as it is highly desirable to have a far-reaching corporate policy in place ...

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    Security plays an integral role in the appropriate and effective utilization of data and information generated via a firm's networked computing system; the prevalent employment of 'Bring Your Own Device' concept, by its very nature, reinforces the pressing need for a well thought through employee and employer interest protection orientated corporate policy. A mutually beneficial policy of this form can help ensure that the firm enjoys a healthy labour and industrial relations.