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    Case Study and Analysis

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    I need help with the following, using the case attached. The spreadsheet can be found using the link below.

    1. Read Case 18: Portland Cancer Center on page 135 in the Cases in Healthcare Finance text.
    2. Assume that you have been hired as a consultant to recommend a course of action for the Gamma Knife acquisition. Prepare a report that addresses all of the issues raised by the parties involved and make a final recommendation regarding the acquisition.
    3. You are welcome to take advantage of the student spreadsheet models for this case at http://www.ache.org/books/FinanceCases4.

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    Below is your study guide.

    Before I present my thoughts on the questions, let me first share with you my techniques in analyzing cases which I believe you would find useful specially for complex cases just like the Portland Cancer Center Leasing Decisions Case Study.
    1. Go immediately to the end of the case to confirm what is being required. Be mindful that, sometimes, professors require an entirely different set of questions than the ones listed at the end of the case. In Portland's case, both are the same: I recommend a course of action for the Gamma Knife acquisition. This recommendation will be in a form of a report and includes discussion on all the issues raised.
    2. Read the case in its entirety.
    3. Read the case once again keeping in mind the requirements identified in Step #2. I'll go over the 5 pages individually.
    Page 1- There was no relevant information, just background and introductory data

    Page 2
    i. Invoice price - $3 million (D31)
    Year 1 = 20%
    Year 2 = 32%
    Year 3 = 19%
    Year 4 = 12%
    Year 5 = 1%
    Year 6 = 6%
    iii. $100,000 annual maintenance, payable beginning of the year (D38)
    iv. Financing 4 year simple interest loan at ...

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    A case study and analysis is examined. The advantages of the study spreadsheet models are examined.