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Motivation Versus Manipulation

Please explain what the difference is between motivation and manipulation?

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The difference between 'motivation' and 'manipulation' can almost be felt in the words themselves. One feels 'motivated' to run a marathon or donate money to a good cause; however, one may feel 'manipulated' by a scheming family member or romantic interest turned not so romantic. I can feel motivated (an internal state) to run a marathon, but I cannot so easily be 'manipulated' into running that same marathon. I feel 'manipulated' if someone I know gets me involved in an unpleasant situation under false pretenses; I feel 'manipulated' if I am forced (by another's hand) to make a decision I might not otherwise have made. These two words have inherited a certain kind of connotation: with 'motivation' being more of a positive aspect, and 'manipulation' ...

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This solution explores the subtle differences between 'motivation' and 'manipulation' in 541 words. Several examples are utilized to enhance understanding of differences.