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    Organizational Behavior Modification

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    Please help me to write a 200-250 words to this question:

    1. Is Organizational Behavior Modification a form of manipulation and if it is, is it unethical for managers to manipulate the behavior of employees? I need to support the argument.

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    Interesting question! Let's take a closer look through discussion and research, to help you write your final copy. I also attached a chart of the OB-Mod process.


    1. Write a 200-250 words to this question Is OB Mod a form of manipulation and if it is. is it unethical for managers to manipulate the behavior of employees. Need to support the argument.

    I am wondering what you think about behavioral modification. Behavioral Modification is used as a technique in both schools and therapy to modify behavior of students and clients, respectively.

    Likewise, it is used in organizations and referred to Organizational Behavior Modification (OB-Mod), and is used to meet the productivity challenges associated with employee's behavior. With its roots in modern behaviorist psychology, OB- Mod is a human resources management technique aimed at improving job-related behaviors that are observable and measurable, such as absenteeism or tardiness, or toward behavior products, such as quality or quantity of work. OB Mod calls for intervention to encourage ...

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    The question of whether or not Organizational Behavior Modification (OBM) is a form of manipulation is discussed, as well as the ethical issues concerning the use of this technique for 'manipulating' the employees. Supplemented with a chart of OBM and links for further investigation.