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Motivation and training

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post empowering the workforce requires job enrichment. Intrinsic motivators are a much richer source of satisfaction than extrinsic motivators. People want to have purposeful work and be self-managed and the most difficult task in increasing motivation is identifying the most effective and applicable motivational strategies.

Having said that what are some of the ways in which an effective Training and Development program can improve employee and organizational motivation?

I have worked with some employees that do not fit into a company culture. Years ago I led a transformation in a manufacturing plant from an autocratic culture to self-directive work teams. There were a handful of employees that did not want to make that shift to being part of team where they had to make decisions. They wanted to come in and have someone tell them what to do for eight hours. Needless to say they didn't stay with the company for long.

Consider how you might deal with those employees who do not "fit" the new company's culture or who are not "willing to change and cooperate?"

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Motivation and training is discussed very comprehensively in this explanation..

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Consider how you might deal with those employees who do not "fit" the new company's culture or who are not "willing to change and cooperate?"
The new company's culture is usually similar to what has been described above. There is a team culture where cross-functional tasks are to be performed, decisions are to be made, and the team must perform well. Those that resist fall into different categories. First, there are some that simply want to get orders about what needs to be done. Second, those that are in a managerial position and do not want to become a part of the team. Third, those that do not want to do jobs outside their areas of specialization.
In case of ...

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