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    Hertzberg's theory and motivation

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    During recent department managers meeting a discussion arose on "how to motivate an employee." You decided you would explain the ways that managers motivate workers, using Herzberg's two-factor theory of motivation.

    Give actual examples of each factor and explain the expected outcome, according to Herzberg. Include your own personal experience and comments on whether you agree with this theory.

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    Herzbug's theory is two sided (motivation-hygiene). The motivation is those things that create satisfaction for employees, and hygiene indicating those things that cause dissatisfaction. While theories are can be used to focus, it is the actual use of the applications that are most meaningful for use.

    In the case of employees dissatisfaction, this can be attributed to those necessary wants and needs as perceived by workers. Better pay and benefits are the most frequently used measures of satisfaction, but are by no means the only ones. Company based policies can also be a problem. Some companies have a policy of no more than one family member can work at ...

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    A discussion on how the application of Hertzberg's theory can help motivation efforts in a business.